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The First Descendant Will Have Us Fighting This Coming Summer

The First Descendant Will Have Us Fighting This Coming Summer

The First Descendant

The First Descendant is on the way to us this Summer with a little more to look at for The First Descendant

There has been a bit of time since we had something to talk about for The First Descendant here, and now we have just a little more. A little more in the way of when NEXON thinks they will be able to get the game out to us on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Not a specific release date as of yet for The First Descendant, but one step closer to getting us into playing in this new world. It is time to circle all of the Summer of 2024 to get us ready. Okay, that is a fairly large window to circle, so maybe just know that is the case as we get ready to take a look at the bit more we have to look at for the game as well.

Ambiguous release window aside for The First Descendant, we do have a nice, new trailer for the game to give us hints at some of the gameplay and the story we will be diving into for the game. A new trailer that shows off one of the new Descendants fighting a new Colossi in the mix of the game. All in a way that does not feel like it is the traditional looter shooter style of it all, but something that shows off how exciting the gameplay for The First Descendant can actually be. Have a look if you have not jumped on down to it already so you can stop all of the teasing the game has been placing out there since the beta ended.

The First Descendant — Release Window

Check out the new trailer, featuring the battle between a new Descendant and powerful Colossi!

Through the trailer, you can also find out the official global release date of The First Descendant, which established itself as a next-generation looter shooter with nearly 2 million global players who participated in the recent Crossplay Open Beta.

The First Descendant will be released simultaneously on PC and consoles, and you can add it to your wishlist right now via Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox!

I understand the need to let the gaming community know about when The First Descendant, but this feels like it is something that could have been more of a text update than anything. The video does not truly show all that much for us to get further excited for and just allows some of the more aggressive members of the community to have something to point to for when they will get to play the game. For marketing and money reasons, it makes sense. Sadly, if The First Descendant does not come close or has to push the release timeline, there might be some backlash from those same gamers. This is why I will always be more for a “give a solid date when you know it will be ready” kind of person. No letdown and expectations are perfectly tempered.

Will you be looking forward to having The First Descendant to keep you inside during the hotter months out there or will you hold off on the excitement until you have a solid date? Would you have rather had the team wait until they could give us a better idea on the release or did we all need this kind of update to keep us going? Will the next big update show a lot of real gameplay for us with a final day or will it be more marketing to keep us “in the know” for when the game could land? Take to the comment section to discuss all of this and more. We will have what we can for The First Descendant out there, so please keep on checking back for all of this and much, much more.

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