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The Forest Cathedral Takes Us To Remote Island Next Week

The Forest Cathedral Takes Us To Remote Island Next Week

The Forest Cathedral

The release date for The Forest Cathedral is placed down so we can go through the mixed gameplay of The Forest Cathedral next week

Pack your bags and get ready to head out to another remote island with The Forest Cathedral, as it is launching on the PC and Xbox Series X|S very soon. So soon that we only have a few days to get ourselves ready for this title from Whitethorn Games before it lands. That is, we can now look to pick up The Forest Cathedral on March 14th out there and see just how this mix of 2D and 3D will build further into the new psychological horror title here. That is where we seem to be going with the latest trailer to also announce this release date and get us further excited for the game.

You can get a little bit of a taste for what is to come with The Forest Cathedral and see how we will have a 3D world but a good portion will play in a Mega Man style of game. That is how some of the dashing and jumping feels like it will be playing out there. It does look as if the 3D elements can affect things too, at least that is the feel from watching how the pigeons and other birds in the game can interact with things. Thankfully, we only have a few more days until we can see how it will truly feel in The Forest Cathedral. Have a look and see if you are going to get ready to experience it all when it drops or just wait to see how others feel about it all.

The Forest Cathedral — Release Date

The Forest Cathedral is a first-person psychological thriller set on a remote island. Playing as scientist Rachel Carson, players will slowly uncover the effects of DDT by using advanced environmental technology to solve 2D/3D connected puzzles in this dramatic retelling of Silent Spring.

The Forest Cathedral is coming to Steam and Xbox on March 14th!

Do you think that the mix of gameplay will work well in The Forest Cathedral or will it be something that bothers most gamers? Do you suspect that the poison on the island will be causing other issues or will it only be the birds that come at us all? How much of the 3D gameplay will we get in the mix here or will it be more of the 2D just taking place in the 3D world for scenes? Take it all down to the comment section and feel free to discuss it all. If there is anything more to share for The Forest Cathedral, we will drop it here and on our social accounts. Please keep a close eye on all of that to be able to stay as up-to-date with it all as you can.

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