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The Forest Looks Like An Awesome VR Version Of Don’t Starve

The Forest Looks Like An Awesome VR Version Of Don’t Starve

The Forest

A new trailer and screen shots for a PC/Oculus Rift title called The Forest have come from the mist. It really reminds me of Don’t Starve…

Sometimes it really bothers that I miss other amazing looking games like The Forest while covering other titles out there. I am sure it happens all the time as I am just one entity and there is so much going on the wide world of gaming. But I caught it and now it is time to bring you all what I have found and how exciting it looks. So, let us take a look at The Forest.

The Forest is an open world survival horror game for the PC and the Oculus Rift all in a first person aspect. Outside of that it looks like a crazier and creepier version of Don’t Starve when it comes down to it. Players will not only have to survive the monsters of The Forest but chop down trees, build a camp, scavenge for food, make weapons, and all the stuff that one would have to do just to survive. Just like in Don’t Starve from the description but in higher end graphics and the ability to play it in VR with the Oculus Rift.

By no means am I trying to claim The Forest to be ripping off the other title but I think it is more of an amazing improvement to the gameplay. If you still are not convinced at my observations you can go ahead and look below for the trailer and screens. When you do keep my thoughts in minds and try and see that I am not correct. Even down to the building of fences and planting seeds for food. I just think that The Forest will be the true next gen version of this kind of game. By next gen I am not talking consoles but graphically.

I really hope that The Forest does well when it comes out here sometime soon. May 22nd is the current date for early access on Steam so we will see. Hopefully it will be expanded as I would love to be able to make sure I can run it as it is meant to be and not hope my PC can keep up.

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