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The Ghost Rides In For The Next Short In The Line For Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The Ghost Rides In For The Next Short In The Line For Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Another member of the Midnight Suns rides in so we can see how Robbie is joining this version of the team in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The next of the prequel shorts are finally out there for Marvel’s Midnight Suns and we get to see how another member of the team is brought into the mix of things. This one being the Ghost Rider, even if we have seen a different version of the character in the past videos that Firaxis Games has already shared with us. This one is the version we will get to play in Marvel’s Midnight Suns on December 2nd and not the one that will just be in the background helping to hold off the evils that they can. Robbie Reyes is the version we are getting and now we can see how he and his car are revving up to bring down Lilith’s forces out there.

Even if it would have been a little more fun to experience in the game, it looks as if all it takes is Magik and our Caretaker to show up and ask Robbie to join the Midnight Suns. Even if he is out there in the world doing his own form of justice and bringing down evil in very violent ways. That is, at least, my takeaway from this video as Robbie does kill a few people here. Even if it is off-screen, there is no way they are surviving and it is kind of the Ghost Rider’s thing too. I do not think we will see the same level of this in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, but it is good to know that there might be elements of it mixed in for the character’s background and story.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns — Prequel Shorts: Hell On Wheels

How were Caretaker and Magik able to recruit Ghost Rider to the Midnight Suns? Watch this action-packed Prequel Short to find out.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Prequel Shorts is a set of five short videos that reveal how Lilith became the Mother of Demons, and how Super Heroes like Blade, Magik, Ghost Rider, and Nico Minoru came together to form the core of the Midnight Suns.

Launch your epic adventure among the legendary Midnight Suns on December 2, 2022.

Have you been enjoying all of these shorts for the Midnight Suns so far or is it all still something that would have been better to experience? Will we get to see Robbie’s darker side in the game or will it all be toned down so the game is accessible to more fans? Who do you think will be the next character we get to see in these shorts? Feel free to let the world know your thoughts on all of this in the comments below. The news for Marvel’s Midnight Suns will keep flowing out there, and we will keep it going for you all as best we can. Please keep checking in for all of that and everything else that we have going on. I am sure you will not be upset by any of it.

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