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The Last Of Us Is Coming To Us Live For One Night

The Last Of Us Is Coming To Us Live For One Night

The Last Of Us Remastered

Sony and Naughty Dog just announced The Last of Us: One Night Live event for fans to see things, well, live

It shouldn’t be a hidden fact that many of us loved The Last Of Us. Hells, I’m included in that list there. It was one of the biggest games of last year and it was so popular that Naughty Dog was already working on bringing it to the PS4 shortly after the PS3 launch. If you haven’t been following along on the site here recently then let me remind you that the PS4 version does come out next week.

To celebrate The Last Of Us Remastered‘s launch it looks like Sony and Naughty Dog are bringing us a live show for The Last Of Us. Not in the way of a live action film or TV show but they have gathered Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, Merle Dandridge, Hana Hayes, and Annie Wersching together to perform scenes from the game live and in person. Yes, those are the voice actors for The Last Of Us and they will be reading the game script at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica on Monday, July 28th.

I would have loved to see Nolan North in the mix of that list of voice actors but I’m sure he is an extremely busy man or they have some kind of hidden special thing going to happen and no one wants to ruin the fun. I’m also interested to see how all of this plays out if it is more than just reading the script. Some of the scenes were so powerful because of the action and I know some of those voice actors are not the correct size for the characters they portrayed. Like I said it will be interesting to see none the less.

If you find yourself in Santa Monica, CA next Monday (7/28) between the hours of 7:00pm PST and 8:30pm PST you might want to pick up tickets to go and see it live. You can do that by going to us.playstation.com/onenightlive to register for your FREE tickets. If you are not going to be so lucky don’t fret; the show will be streamed on all of the different video streaming services that PlayStation has to employ. Good thing too as I am sure these tickets will go fast.