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The Machines Are A Bit More Advanced In The Coming Terminator: Resistance Enhanced

The Machines Are A Bit More Advanced In The Coming Terminator: Resistance Enhanced

Terminator: Resistance

A new version of Terminator: Resistance is on the way with the announcement of the Terminator: Resistance Enhanced edition of the game

If you missed out on the game before, then get ready with the announcement for Terminator: Resistance Enhanced here. A new version of the game that is heading to the PS5 on March 26th from Teyon will have us back in the resistance fighting side of it all and trying to survive the end of times one more time. All with the visual updates and everything we have been looking for on the console version of Terminator: Resistance since it first hit us out there. Not to say that it is not a fun game currently, but it is always nice to see when something like this gets the full upgrade and for those out there that already own it. Something also lies in wait for those that have yet to purchase this fun little gem already.

On top of all of the usual visual updates we should expect here for Terminator: Resistance, and the patches that the PC gamers have seen thus far, we are also seeing a new mode dropped in and the announcement of some new DLC. The mode is called Infiltrator Mode and it will have us in the role of the T-800 doing just that to take down all of those Resistance forces. The new expansion will be out this Summer for the PC and PS5 version of the game. Something that does not seem to be mentioned in the two forms we can pre-order the Terminator: Resistance Enhanced version in right now. Yes, there is a collector’s edition now and for the PS5 version only. All of which seems odd to have at this point, but seeing as there is a free upgrade to this one if you already own it, we can let it all slide for now.

Terminator: Resistance — Enhanced Collector’s Edition

Terminator: Resistance — Enhanced Collector’s Edition

UK video game publisher Reef Entertainment is pleased to reveal that Terminator: Resistance will be launching on PlayStation 5 as Terminator: Resistance Enhanced, set to release March 26th 2021.

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced is a new version of Terminator: Resistance taking advantage of the new capabilities of the PlayStation 5 console. Jump back into the action with Jacob Rivers and experience his story from lowly private to hero of the Resistance once more, while enjoying improved framerates and graphical fidelity, faster load times, and the new hardware features of the DualSense controller. Terminator: Resistance Enhanced will also contain updates brought to the title on PC (Steam), as well as the brand new “Infiltrator Mode” which sees players get under the skin of the series’ iconic T-800 series Infiltrator.

Key Features

  • A fully updated version of the main game including balance and difficulty patches previously released on the PC. Players who own a PlayStation 4 version of the game will also receive a free upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version.
  • New “Infiltrator Mode” in which players can get under the skin of a T-800 series Infiltrator unit and strike out against Resistance forces.
  • A range of visual improvements taking advantage of the PlayStation 5’s more powerful hardware, including upscaled 4K resolution and locked 60 frames per second, higher resolution textures, higher polygon counts, tessellation, improved lighting and dynamic shadows, improved post-processing (antialiasing, bloom, and more), and more detailed particle effects.
  • A variety of features new to PlayStation 5 including Game Activities which can be used to track the player’s progress in missions and trophies, DualSense adaptive triggers for weaponry, and color shifting within the DualSense light bar to reflect the player’s health. • Four-times faster load times on average.
  • Two physical editions available for the PlayStation 5 version of Terminator: Resistance Enhanced: a Standard Edition, and a Collector’s Edition, which includes a Steel Book, two-part hardback comic book “Zero Day” from Dark Horse (comic text in English only, previously available in digital format with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game), as well as four character art cards and a collectors box.
  • A paid downloadable content expansion with new narrative content will also be available in Summer 2021 for the PlayStation 5 and PC versions of the game.

Did you expect to see Terminator: Resistance get this kind of an upgrade or did you expect the game to be left in the past where it was? Do you think that we will see a version of this on the Series X or will it only be the PS5 that gets the boost? What do you think the expansion will give us and will it be worth the extra wait after the first launch of the game? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If we have anything else to share for Terminator: Resistance, you know we will have it all here. Please keep checking back for all of that and much, much more.

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