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The Next Announced Title From Kojima Might Make You OD

The Next Announced Title From Kojima Might Make You OD


The next Kojima title announced, OD, is here with OD looking into what might happen when we get too much of a bad thing

It would not be another year of The Game Awars without us getting the massive sucking up for the next Kojima Productions game. Well, more for the only “Close Personal Friend” that is always brought out, and this time to show off a title called OD. Calm down before you think there is something else going on with it so far, this just happens to be the next title in the works with the studio and Xbox Game Studio. Not to mention the likes of Jordan Peele joining in to help EP this title. All with OD listing itself for All Players and All Screamers out there. Something tells me there is something else going on with all of this, but for now, we can get ourselves all riled up for whatever weirdness might be on the way.

Before we go into any of the other topics or you dive into the video announcing OD, let us dive into what it is actually about. Just as the other title, P.T., this one is a bit of an acronym that is Over Dose. In the case of the game, it is how close can we get to being in total terror before we hit that OD point. Outside of that, we can see it will be using the UE5 Metahuman software to bring Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schaffer, and Udo Kier to life in the game. Outside of having them look panicked, angry, worried, and the rest of the human emotions out there, that is all we get for OD. You can now start to get those salivation glands going and head down to see a trailer that does about the same as the text you just read when it comes to the description of this experience.

OD — Reveal

Kojima Productions and Xbox Game Studios officially announced OD at The Game Awards. World-renowned game creator Hideo Kojima has partnered with Academy Award-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele, the acclaimed film director of “Get Out,” “Us,” and “Nope,” who will be one of several talented storytellers involved in the project.

A Hideo Kojima Game, OD explores the concept of testing your fear threshold, and what it means to OD on fear – while blurring the boundaries of gaming and film. The new teaser for OD also reveals Sophia Lillis (“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves”), Hunter Schaffer (“Euphoria”), and Udo Kier (“Flesh for Frankenstein”), who will play the lead roles in the upcoming project.

Why does the gaming internet lose their collective minds whenever Hideo Kojima is announced to be working on something? I do not understand why. Sure, he keeps trying to push the industry forward but he, and until we see more for OD, are not the next coming of some fake deity to the industry. With the like of Jordan Peele in the mix, even if just as an EP, there is some hope that it will actually be scary and not some base passion project everyone has to say they enjoyed so they are not shamed for “not getting it.” Not to mention, this marketing for OD also seems to want to lean into it while ignoring the fact that a third of the community will not be able to experience it without shelling out for a specific console. Unless this is the first Xbox Game Studio title that will hit every platform that can run it. Then I will understand why everyone wants to be on the jock of Kojima when his name is mentioned. Just make it a good title and not something that is flashy so those looking for a good title are not shamed when others think they are smarter by enjoying something just weird.

Have you lost your mind for OD and everything Kojima spits out there or are you holding off until you see true footage? Do you think that Peele and the cast will be able to help make a better narrative experience for this title or will they only be there to help sell the parts of the game they will excel at? Will this be more than something to build off what P.T. was trying to be or will it just be another title everyone expects something from and then will make up the best outcome no matter how much of an Amazon Deliver Sim the game might be? Fight it out in the comments below and try to keep the discussion civil. We will share anything else we get for OD, so please keep on checking in for those updates and everything else we have to offer the world out.

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