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The Relic: The First Guardian Walks Us Through The Open World Of Combat

The Relic: The First Guardian Walks Us Through The Open World Of Combat

The Relic: The First Guardian

A new bit of gameplay for The Relic: The First Guardian is here to show off the various combats coming in The Relic

The wait is still on the longer side for The Relic: The First Guardian with 2025 still a year away, but that does not mean that Project Cloud Games and Perp Games are not ready to share something with us all as we wait. This is the next action RPG title from them that is poised to hit the PC and consoles when it does come. Now, we get to see just how some of the combat in The Relic: The First Guardian and a few other aspects of the game are shaping up. All of which may or may not have a revamp over the next year as we watch the game build further and further into its final form. Enough gilding the lily here. Let us dive into the latest bit of gameplay and deep dive into the combat of this game that is out there.

Just as with many other titles in the same line as The Relic: The First Guardian, we will have various different weapons and stances those weapons will give us as we play through the game. Like the normal sword and shield, daggers, and two-handed weapons. Just as with other games, they have their own balance with risk/reward to them. As in normal swing with some defense, very fast slashing attacks, and slow but heavy damage if we go respectively down the previous list there. All so we can explore the semi-open world of The Relic: The First Guardian and gear up with everything and build up our special skills along the way. Not too shabby but we will need to see something further to help it stand out from the various other titles that have done the same thing already…

The Relic: The First Guardian — Gameplay Breakdown

In this action RPG, you embark on a heroic adventure to save the world in the dark as the last guardian. The once-prosperous Arsiltus was swallowed up by the void created by the destruction of the great relic and transformed into the land of death. Now your mission is to find the pieces of the broken great relic and close the void. This game provides in-depth gameplay with a thrilling battle and a variety of rune settings. Grow your character with various skills and your own settings, and explore the collapsed world while following an exciting story. You need to solve the riddle of Arsiltus, gather the pieces of great relic, and lead the world back to prosperity. You are the last hope of the Arsiltus. Start your journey as a guardian, gather pieces of great relics, and close the void. Your adventure will bring Arsiltus into a new era.

All in all, The Relic: The First Guardian is starting to look and feel like a title in the current run of The Witcher line out there. Not a terrible thing at all, but something that this one will have to fight against so it does not get pigeonholed into something it might not be. Obviously, The Relic: The First Guardian is not that other game and I have a feeling that it will be the world and story that will be needed to help it stand out from that. I might be wrong, but that is how I feel after this latest bit of gameplay that we have in the mix. This could also be why the team is getting this dropped out there now, so that in the next year they can hone the craft better while building up to something that will truly shine out there and not have the basic comparisons to fight against.

What are your thoughts on all of this for The Relic: The First Guardian and does it feel like it is going to be seen as more than a clone of a different title? Were you hoping that the combat of the game would flow a bit differently or will this always be the sweet spot of how to balance the styles so they are all useful? Where do you think the final story of the game will go or will it lead to the same conclusion most hero stories lead to? Take all of those thoughts to the comment section and then feel free to discuss it all. There should be more for The Relic: The First Guardian in the coming year, so please keep an eye out on the site for those updates and the others we will have for the various other titles along the way.

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