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The Walking Dead Season 2 Has Its Release Date Now

The Walking Dead Season 2 Has Its Release Date Now

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 2 Is Finally Launching And Launching Today For Most. Let’s See What Telltale Has For Us.

If there was one game that captures so many over the last two years it has been The Walking Dead from Telltale. Hard to believe it has been that long since we were first introduced to Clementine and Lee isn’t it? It has been though and now we are moving into the second season of the The Walking Dead franchise and for most of us gamers out there that day is today. Don’t get too worried by me saying for most of us and not all just yet though.

Why is that? Well as of right now the current release schedule for The Walking Dead Season Two is PC and PSN will get the first episode today (12/17/13). Those who are enjoying the franchise on the Xbox will be getting their version tomorrow (12/18/13). Those on iOS will have to wait until some undetermined date this week, most likely as Telltale is waiting on approval to submit to iTunes but that is just me making assumptions and nothing concrete. Hopefully it is sooner than later though.

Either way keep an eye out for The Walking Dead Season Two to go live on your platform of choice and enjoy digging into the first episode. For those who have to wait until after today, here is the launch trailer for the first episode of Season Two. Looks like things are already pretty crazy for our little heroine. Hopefully not too crazy as I know we’ll all be pissed if something too tragic happens to Clem.

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