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The Walking Dead Season Two’s Next Episode Has A Trailer And A Date

The Walking Dead Season Two’s Next Episode Has A Trailer And A Date

The Walking Dead Season Two

There is a new trailer for The Walking Dead Season Two — Episode 2 — A House Divided. Also the new episode will release on March 4th

Well that didn’t take too long for Telltale to get the next episode for The Walking Dead out. Just under three months and we are continuing the saga of Clementine and the undead. Hopefully we will get an answer to the cliffhanger of who she thought was dead in the first episode. Either way, we will be getting a bit more to the story and hopefully some answers on March 4th on the PC, PSN, and Mac in North America. Everyone else is most likely going to have to wait just another day or so, but those dates are still not confirmed.

Not only are we getting a release date for The Walking Dead S2E2 but we also have a nice little trailer. You can see it below. Obviously there are spoilers out there for those of you who have yet to play and beat the first episode, so be warned. Mainly the spoilers are about the new characters that Clem met and who she ended up with but they are still spoilers for those who want to stay pure. Also, stop reading now as the next bit is about the same content the ‘spoilers’ are about.

Stop reading if you want to stay pure.

Is it just me or did anyone else think Carlos and his daughter looks more Native American than Spanish? I know the name is usually a giveaway if we go with stereotypes but outside of that I could have sworn they were Native American. At least that is how I took it as I played The Walking Dead S2E1. Too be honest too, I didn’t remember his name either as I just kept referring to him as the group’s doctor without name.

Was that just me? Please sound off in the comments below. Also let us know how excited you are that you don’t have to wait another half a year for the second episode. That is the bigger point to me.