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The White Angel Of Death Is Back In It For Tekken 8

The White Angel Of Death Is Back In It For Tekken 8

Tekken 8

One more Tekken character is back in the mix for Tekken 8 with the showing of Dragunov in the mix of everything

The fighters are still flowing on out there for Tekken 8 with more of the classic characters coming back in. Although I would say that this one is not truly a classic but another that Bandai Namco is getting back in the mix again. As long as you have been a massive fan of the IP since Tekken 5. This would be the title that Dragunov first came in and brought the moniker of the White Angel Of Death. A title that will be following along when this one hits the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2024. Let us all have a look again at this ‘new’ character announcement.

Just as with every other fighter we have seen for Tekken 8, sans a few actually new characters, here we see the Russian fighter back in action and dominating everything that is possible. Be it the other opponents, fashion sense, or the camera we are viewing the game through. All so we can see more of a beatdown in Tekken 8 while adding in a bit of the cold out there. Because that is what the country is known for, after all. If that seems like a little much or a simplification, have a look at the character just below. Although, it is worth noting that the grapple animation for Dragunov does feel like one of the more unique aspects of the fighter we are going to see out here one more time.

Tekken 8 — Dragunov Gameplay

He’d like to have a word with you.

Dragunov will make your blood turn cold in Tekken 8!

All in all, Dragunov feels like just another fighter in Tekken 8 with some personality quirks that might be fun to have in the game. To me, it is a nice little touch even if all of the movements and actions feel just about the same as so many other characters in the mix. Apart from the grapple and throw move that we get to see here. It is probably something we have seen before with the other Tekken fighters, but for some reason, it stands out as something only for this character here. It fits the look and theme around the character so well that it feels like it is Dragunov’s, so maybe that is why it feels truly unique in the mix of all of this. This is what we should be getting more of and not just more of the generic moves with different skins over it all.

Did you have Dragunov on your list of Tekken fighters you needed to see back in the mix or is this one you never used before? Do you like the extra quirks of the character for the display or will that only be something we get for the teasers and not the final title? Does anything else for the movements and fighting feel unique in the game or is it going to always be one specific move or action that will make the characters stand out? Take to the comments to discuss all of this and everything else we have to share out there for it all. We know there is more for Tekken 8 on the way, so keep on coming back to see all of that as it flows on out there.

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