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The Wolf Among Us Preview

The Wolf Among Us Preview

The Wolf Among Us

Last year Telltale games received multiple Game Of The Year rewards for their work on their episodic game series The Walking Dead. Now Telltale is returning with their follow up The Wolf Among Us. The Wolf Among Us is based on the Fables comic book series written by Bill Willingham. Fables is about famous fairy tale characters that come to live in our world when their homeland is threatened by an evil entity called The Adversary. The Fairy tales have moved to our world in an attempt to hide from The Adversary and create a safe haven in New York. Much like the comic Fabletown is where the Characters keep their true self’s hidden from the people of the real world. The fairy tales also have a second safe haven within New York called The Farm which is for those who can’t hide in plain sight. The farm also has magical property’s that keeps any non-resident at bay.

If you have never read a page of the Fable comics worry not as The Wolf Among Us is a prequel to the comics. Telltale says that the story in The Wolf Among Us should line up and connect with page one of the first comic. Players control the story from the prospective of Bigby Wolf the real world form of the big bad wolf. Bigby wolf is the sheriff of Fabletown who is on the other end of distrust and doubts form many of the other fables since he hunted many of them in their homeland. The story has a few main focal points one of which is a murder that Bigby Wolf is trying to solve and the fables trying to keep their cover intact. However the most important story device is the relationship between Bigby Wolf and Snow White. Fans of the comic would know these characters have had a very active relationship in the story thus far. The Wolf Among Us will depict how Bigly Wolf developed feelings for Snow. During the course of the story the player will be forced to make decisions that will affect your trust with Snow.

As with The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us features a high level of choice and control over the story. One of the ways that Telltale is improving the branching story lines in The Wolf Among Us by allowing the player to choose when to go to different locations during the course in the story. Allowing the player to go to different locations at different times will increase the replay value of the game. Much like The Walking Dead there are many consequences for your choices throughout the game. Showing too much of an allegiance with one character could damage your standing with others.

Are you excited for The Wolf Among Us? Let us know you thoughts in the comments below. As for right now Telltale has not confirmed how many chapters or a release date for the game just yet. All we know is that the game is coming sometime this summer for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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