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There Are No Promises To Keep In The Latest For Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

There Are No Promises To Keep In The Latest For Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The theme song for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is out there along with more of the gameplay we need for the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Just as many had assumed was going to happen during The Game Awards this year, we were all treated with one more trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. We are all still pining for that sweet February 29th release date on the PS5 and here we get a nice little look at what Square Enix will be dropping on us all then. Not only that, but a good listen to what the theme song of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is going to sound like too. The big thing that we all wanted out of the award show that is definitely not just a few hours of commercials to bloat some egos. But I am getting off-topic there. Let us see what is coming at us all with it all.

Okay, so all of the other bullshit aside, we actually have a bit to look at for gameplay for this upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake expansion… or episode… or DLC thing. We finally get to not only see but also hear the rest of the main cast of characters that we get to play as in the game here. Cid, Vincent, and Cait Sith can all be spotted in the trailer with some dialog. Along with Cait Sith actually being in the fight of it all too. All of that and some of the story with Zach and Cloud that most forgot about since Final Fantasy VII first dropped out there. All with some solid looks at other antagonists and the Golden Saucer location so many have been waiting for. Have a look if you have not just skipped on down to the video already.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth — Theme Song

Listen to the official theme song of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, “No Promises to Keep”, for the first time in this brand-new trailer.

The song is composed by the incomparable Nobuo Uematsu and performed by Loren Allred, the renowned, platinum-selling artist who captivated the world with her single “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on February 29, 2024.

I do have to say, all of these characters sound mostly as I always heard them in my head when I was playing Final Fantasy VII the first time around. Back when there was not a scrap of voice acting in the whole game. Well, outside of Cait Sith. I never went with a Scottish accent of sorts, but it still feels like it is fitting for the character. Unlike the way they tried to sync up the vocals for Aerith when it comes to the theme song here. I will leave that to just the way the video was edited and not them trying to put another voice in the mouth of Aerith for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. I mean, sometimes the voice actors can do an amazing job but cannot hit the right levels for songs. Even if this does feel like the team had it recorded and then just tried to make it work instead of allowing the voice to give it a go. Maybe the final version will do a better job than this commercial we have.

Did you get a chance to see all of this live or did you just wait for the videos to hit better quality out there? Did you have any of these voices in your head when you played the original Final Fantasy VII or did you have the film versions stuck in there? Will we secretly get to play as Cid and Vincent in this part of it all or will they only be side characters as was reported before? Head to the comments to discuss all of this and everything else we can muster up for the site. Please keep coming back to our site to get more for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. We are going to have a lot to say about it as we head closer to the launch, and you will not want to miss out on any of it.

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