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There Is So Much More To Do Out There In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

There Is So Much More To Do Out There In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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There is a lot to do in Marvel’s Midnight Suns but we have a few other elements you might overlook while enjoying the Midnight Suns

Even though we have the option to jump in and play Marvel’s Midnight Suns as we so wish now, there is still a lot of things out there that may not be known or known well for the game. Even though Firaxis Games was doing a massive job to try to give it all to us before it launched, but some things did not get out there before that. Not only that but some of these new bits might not make the best of sense unless you have tapped into Marvel’s Midnight Suns on the basic level too. A weird little place to be while trying not to spoil any of the story along the way. That is why we are here with the latest updates to drop on you just in case you have not already picked it up on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC.

Before we go into the bigger list of things to do in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, we do need to take a moment and get the introduction over with the Hulk now. A character that we all knew was coming and can see in the trailers and story so far. We also had a small breakdown of the character just before now, but we have the official showing that Hulk will be on our side along the way in the game. All of which in the way we would think he would be when joining the Midnight Suns. Even if it is a character that also does not feel like they should be involved here, but it does cause some tension for those that do need to be in the mix. At least without spoiling any of the core story for those just joining in or looking to join in soon.

Now that we have that out of the way here, we can dive into the twenty-five various things to know or do in Marvel’s Midnight Suns that are not just part of the combat systems. That will be a huge thing in the game, but there are all of the relationships to manage and other events to partake in to build up characters and make us all better combatants in the game. This even includes making sure we pet our dog, Charlie, every day and hunting around the Abby for resources that are scattered around. All of this is something to break up the gameplay loop a bit while giving us all more story to enjoy. Even if it is not something that we totally change how we look at the Midnight Suns here.

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Have you been in on the game so far and have been looking to build up all of your Midnight Suns up to now? Is it odd to see how many different things you also need to worry about in the game beyond the combat or did you expect this before the full launch here? Did you expect a smart Hulk to be here or are you glad to see that we are getting the basic angry Hulk here? Give us all of your thoughts on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if that is something you wish to do. There is still more to share for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and we will keep that all going here for you all. Please keep a close eye on the site for all of that and everything else we can offer up along the way.

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