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Things Will Begin Again As We Are Welcomed Into Derceto Within Alone In The Dark

Things Will Begin Again As We Are Welcomed Into Derceto Within Alone In The Dark

Alone In The Dark

Take a deeper look into Derceto coming again in Alone In The Dark along with the extras you might get with your preorder for Alone In The Dark

Welcome back into the world of Alone In The Dark. After all of the delays and everything we have had for the game, it does look as if Pieces Interactive will be on point to get the game to our PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC on March 20th still. Amazing news! To go along with the amazing news, we also have a new look at the game and more of the upgraded horrors we are going to experience in this version of Alone In The Dark. Not to mention, if you want to preorder the game as of right now, we have a look at what that might come with if you choose to go with the more deluxe version of it all. A solid little update for us all to revel in.

The first big look we have for Alone In The Dark takes us all right back into Derceto Manor and all of the weirdness that is going on within. Fans of the IP will know this a little too well at this point, but here we get to see just how odd and dark some of the people and the place will be during our time with the game. Not only that, but it does seem as if we are getting further hints about things that may or may not have been changed over time. All while mixing in some fun new gameplay for Alone In The Dark and some showcasing of the actors portraying the characters doing what they do best. Have a look and see how far the game has advanced after the delays and pushes it has needed.

Alone In The Dark — Welcome To Derceto

Embark on a haunting journey through Derceto Manor with Emily Hartwood and Detective Edward Carnby. In this forsaken mansion, where every creaking floorboard echoes with the whispers of a malevolent past, something ominous lurks in the dimly lit corridors…

Which of the elusive residents can you trust? Who speaks the truth, and who conceals their true intentions behind a mask?

Prepare for a descent into darkness, where every echo may reveal a fragment of the malevolent past lurking within the haunted corridors of Derceto. Prepare to unfold the secrets of Alone In The Dark on March 20th, 2024, when the game is available for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

If that sold you on buying Alone In The Dark as of now, then you are in luck. The game is open for preorders and is currently coming in two different versions. The base game and then the Digital Deluxe Edition. For the slightly elevated price, we not only get the game but some costumes for our characters to wear, a way to play the game with Director Commentary chiming in, and a whole array of filters we can place on the characters and the game. One of these being able to use some of the original character models for Alone In The Dark in the mix of it all. Why we would want to do that and break immersion is beyond me, but I know there will be many gamers out there who will want to load the game up in that way.

Alone In The Dark — The Deluxe Edition

Why should you pre-order the Deluxe Edition of Alone In The Dark? The nostalgic 1992 Costume Pack, authentic Vintage Horror Filters, and Director’s Commentary offering a glimpse behind the curtain are a special treat for connoisseurs of the horror genre. If you are still not sure, let us convince you in (almost) 60 seconds!

Alone In The Dark and the Alone In The Dark’s Digital Deluxe Edition is available for pre-order now! The Digital Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Base Game
  • Derceto 1992 Costume Pack
  • Vintage Horror Filter Pack
  • Director’s Commentary Mode

Are you excited to see that Alone In The Dark is steamrolling forward to the launch or do you still have a worry that we might have to wait longer? Do you think that there will have been enough changed along the way to make it feel truly new or will it just be visuals that make it stand out? How do you feel about the Deluxe Edition being more of a paywall to overlays for the game or does that even bother you at this point? Take to the comment section and then discuss it all. We will have more for Alone In The Dark in the coming week, for certain, so please check back in for those updates and many, many more still to come.

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