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Time For Gamers To Join A Real Blood Sport

Time For Gamers To Join A Real Blood Sport

A new organization, Blood Sport, is looking to raise the stakes in gaming as well as help people in the interim

Before you continue reading about Blood Sport here note that I am not talking about any upcoming Van Damme film or one prior. I’m talking about a new gaming event that some crazy Canadians are trying to get funded via Kickstarter. That is at least if Kickstarter reactivates the campaign on the site as it was shut down with currently no reasons given. That isn’t what I want to bring to you here though.

So what is this version of Blood Sport? Well, if it can get up and running it will be a new way for gamers to donate blood; currently it sounds like it will only be in Canada but I’m sure it will spread if it takes off up there. What Blood Sport is looking to actually do though is to hold events where gamers will play whatever game the organization has set up and a machine will withdraw blood every time your character in the game you are playing spills blood. Yea, you get punched in Mortal Kombat and you get a little bit of blood sucked from your veins into a blood bag. All of this of course is done in the standards and safety as if you went to a reputable donation location as well.

All of this is based on a custom circuit board set up to regulate the amount of blood removed by the system which is triggered each time the rumble in your controller goes off. No way we can see anything wrong with Blood Sport there can we?

Blood Sport — Kickstarter

I get what Blood Sport is aiming to do. The organization just wants to help get the precious life giving fluid to the big boys so that no one needs to worry about dying from blood loss or any other thing that we use blood donations for. There are just so many issues I see with what Blood Sport is setting up. For instance linking it to the controller rumbles. I’ve played games where the rumble gets locked up in a loop when triggered. Will the machine just keep pumping then?

Also, usually blood donations are a set limit. Usually it takes about 30 minutes to give the full amount you can in one sitting. What happens to someone who just happens to rock the Hells out said game? Do they just sit there with a needle in their arm all day then? That can’t be healthy for the donor’s body in the least bit. Not to mention that bending and moving your arm, this usually occurs while playing games, would definitely cause issues in that aspect as well. It just seems like there are so many issues with this that maybe we should just push people to donate for free DLC or in-game bonuses instead. Just a thought.

Anyways, if you want to learn more about Blood Sport you can head to the currently deactivated Kickstarter for the organization. You can also head to their organization’s website that as of this posting has fewer bits of information than the Kickstarter page.

Blood Sport

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