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Time To Get Our Assassin On With Styx: Master Of Shadows

Time To Get Our Assassin On With Styx: Master Of Shadows

Styx: Master Of Shadows

A new trailer for Styx: Master Of Shadows shows off the assassin gameplay as well as hints to a release date

Up until now Styx: Master Of Shadows has been shown off as a stealth and Thief-like title but now it looks like there is a bit of Assassin’s Creed brought into the mix with the latest gameplay trailer. This is a little bit of a shock to me as up until now it has been shown that Styx cannot handle multiple enemies and needs to stick to tricks and sneak attacks. I’ll take it none the less as this looks to add yet another manner of gameplay to Styx: Master Of Shadows for all those out there who don’t have the patience to take things slow and stealthy. Although I am sure that will not change the fact that he will be killed quickly if he takes on too much at one time.

If you are still amiss as to what I am talking about for Styx: Master Of Shadows or even what the game is then you are in luck as I have the latest trailer for the game just below. As I also mentioned, it shows off a faster paced, high action look to the game as up until now it has looked more and more like a stealth title more than anything.

I don’t think I could be more excited now for Styx: Master Of Shadows after seeing that trailer. I do kind of wish that it wasn’t slated for an October release currently as I want to have the time to actually sit back and enjoy the game and not have it get lost in the mix of all the titles that are coming out during October. There is about one each week as of now even if you exclude Styx: Master Of Shadows from the list of releases for the month. Even though it looks amazing I have a feeling that it will get lost in the mix of the other AAA titles coming from bigger publishers with more money to promote and spread the word.

Who knows though? Maybe Alien Isolation, The Evil Within, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Sunset Overdrive, and WWE 2K15 will tank enough to allow for Styx: Master Of Shadows to have a chance to shine. Then again I don’t wish ill on any of those publishers but they are going to be able to push harder to get the word out more than Focus Home Interactive. I guess it is a good thing that I am doing my part to make sure you gamers have an eye out there for this little gem.

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