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Time To Look At Even More Screen Shots For Dragon Age: Inquisition

Time To Look At Even More Screen Shots For Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition

There are more screen shots for Dragon Age: Inquisition making their way around the web and they show off more of the world

Just in time to make the prE3 circuit comes a bunch of new screen shots for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Much like all of the previous screen shots they are all mostly environmental shots showing off the game’s world and locations. You can also see how powerful the graphics engine for the game is shaping up to be. It is looking damn pretty and like an interesting world to be running around and slaying everything in. I only wish that we got to see more of the slaying and less of the where.

Unfortunately though, this is all we get for the updates on Dragon Age: Inquisition. I have faith that there will be a huge showing at E3 next week as there have been a load of visuals but no real new news on mechanics, story, or anything else in a while. It only makes sense. Then again that is me trying to impose sense on an industry that doesn’t always make 100% sense all the time. Only some of the time. What’s the saying, 60% of the time it works all the time…?

For now I will leave you with these images to look at for Dragon Age: Inquisition. If there are any burning questions that you want answers for go ahead and throw them into the comments below. I know Dragon Age: Inquisition is on my list of titles to hunt down and shake information out of the developers while on the show floor. It just may not be the exact same stuff that you want. It just may though.

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