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It’s Time For A Project Spark Beta Montage!

It’s Time For A Project Spark Beta Montage!

Project Spark

A recent video from Team Dakota shows off all of the creative ‘games’ Project Spark beta users have created on the Xbox One.

I remember back when Project Spark was first announced and shown off to a lack luster acceptance. I also remember getting to see it up close and personal with many members of the press and convention goers giving it little acknowledgement. Now that the beta is in full swing for Windows 8 and Xbox One users all of those naysayers from before seem to be singing a different tune or at least they should be based on what has been created within Project Spark.

What makes me say this is the recent video for Project Spark that has just been loosed to the web that shows off some of the creative ways users have used it just in the beta. Here, take a watch and see what I am talking about.

Quite impressive even though most of the games are nothing more than a few second clips, but still. It puts a nail in the whole “Project Spark is just Microsoft’s LittleBigPlanet or Minecraft” statements I’ve personally heard for quite a while now. Those are comments I heard from people who would sell off their baby making equipment now to just get access to the Project Spark beta at that too.

What do you think? Just from these clips that is. I am sure some of these are most likely a bit buggy given Project Spark is still in beta and these are all most likely “in beta” as well. I can’t wait to hunt to find these in the social portion of Project Spark and see if I can try them first hand. I’ll have to update if they play as good as they look.

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