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Time To Re-re-re-release Resident Evil 4 … Now In An Ultimate HD Edition

Time To Re-re-re-release Resident Evil 4 … Now In An Ultimate HD Edition

Resident Evil 4

It looks like one of the best Resident Evil titles, Resident Evil 4, is getting an Ultimate HD port to the PC. Seems about time, right?

Just in time for its 9th birthday, Resident Evil 4 is getting the ultra HD treatment with a new edition aptly titled the Ultimate HD Edition. You may be thinking, “But we already have the ability to play it on PC. What’s so new here?” Well, have you played Resident Evil 4 at 60 frames per second yet? No? Well there you go. Now you can justify buying of the best in the franchise again for $20 on Steam.

Now you are thinking “Ok, there has to be more than that, right?” To which I would have to say, most likely not. So far the 60fps thing for the ‘new edition’ of Resident Evil 4 is the big news. The below trailer does tease “killer bonuses” but I think it would be safe to assume that means all the bonuses that have already been packaged before in other editions, just in a stunning 60fps. Well that and if you pre-order you can get your hands on an 80+ page book of digital archives and a 60+ track digital soundtrack. Awesome…

I am also hoping that the below trailer isn’t a true rendition of Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition running and is skewed due to YouTube compression because it really doesn’t look all that much better than the PS3/360 version that was pumped out a while back. Either way though, happy 9th birthday Resident Evil 4. Thanks for being an amazing title that can be rehashed over and over and most likely will snag more sales. I guess we’ll see on February 28th.

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