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It’s Time To Rise Up As Homefront: The Revolution Has Been Announced

It’s Time To Rise Up As Homefront: The Revolution Has Been Announced

Homefront: The Revolution

In the wake of ‘leaks’ before E3, Homefront: The Revolution gets an announcement trailer to show off the new Crytek title

Looks like one of the secret titles that Deep Silver was holding off to show at E3 has been fully announced and it is Homefront: The Revolution. It’s the next installment into the franchise coming from Crytek using their beast of a game engine, the CryEngine. Knowing that we can rest assured that it is going to look absolutely spectacular if you have the system to run it. How about I let you take a look at all of that before I move on to tell you what Deep Silver has told us about Homefront: The Revolution? Nice of me instead of boring with more text first.

So, that trailer looks like gameplay for Homefront: The Revolution given the engine and everything but there is no confirmation yet. Also the trailer states that the world premiere of the gameplay will be at E3 so we’ll have to just assume this is a marketing piece. The screen shots on the other hand some of how beautiful and messed up our world would be if the Koreans did fully take over the US and we hand to go back to the guerrilla tactics we had to use to take the country in the first place.

For those who may be wondering, Homefront: The Revolution takes place in Philadelphia where it has become a police state. We will be taking on the role of a revolutionary who is not cool with this and strike back to rid us of the Korean People’s Army. It looks like things didn’t really go our way at all from the other games in the Homefront franchise in the down time. Then again if they did then Crytek and Deep Silver would have a new game to announce.

I wish I had more information to give on Homefront: The Revolution but this is about all that we have been given. As the publisher has had a great success with these kinds of games, read the Metro franchise, I have faith that Homefront: The Revolution will also knock it out of the park. If anything it will at least be a nice look at a messed up future we hopefully will never see. I know I am looking forward to at least just that in the coming week at E3.

As is the standard fair here, let us know what you think or want to know about Homefront: The Revolution. We’ll try to get you the answers you crave just like Brawndo. Are you excited for a new Homefront title?

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