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It’s Time For Some Watch_Dogs 101 To Lead Into The Launch

It’s Time For Some Watch_Dogs 101 To Lead Into The Launch


A new video for Watch_Dogs has been released to help you learn the ropes of the game just before launch.

Watch_Dogs is only weeks from launching on all platforms sans the Wii U. If you haven’t been keeping up with all of the news, videos, and screens shots for the game, worry not. Here is a new trailer for the game that showcases all of the ins and outs of Watch_Dogs and its many different game modes and features. Also another fun look at the different characters in the game to show how they better fit into the stereotypes of Hackers.

Here you go with the video that will walk you through Watch_Dogs 101.

Wait, how is this the first I am hearing about the “augmented reality” mini-games in Watch_Dogs? That looks like yet another amazing addition to the game as well as adding to the replay factor. I can drive around a hellish version of Chicago running down citizens I see as demons? Sign me the hells up there. Pun intended. How was this not a major selling point before today? I mean seriously.

If I wasn’t looking forward to Watch_Dogs before I sure as shit am now. These next weeks until launch are going to be Hellish…guaranteed. Pun intended.

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