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Time To Wrap Up That Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

Time To Wrap Up That Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight

Part three of the Batman: Arkham Knight trailer trilogy was shown off at the PlayStation Experience thus concluding the Ace Chemicals infiltration

Batman: Arkham Knight was not playable at the PlayStation Experience over last weekend, which was a sad thing, but that didn’t stop Rocksteady and Warner Bros. from showing off some amazing footage as well as announce the PS4 exclusive DLC that makes me even more excited to get the game next year. Why they felt that they had to release the trailer in three parts is still an open question from me but someone thought it would be a great idea. It does show off some interesting footage that has raised some new questions about the combat system for Batman: Arkham Knight or if what we are being shown was doctored up gameplay footage just to sensationalize the game even further for all platforms.

We’ll start off with the last part of the Batman: Arkham Knight trailer trilogy and the wrap of Batman infiltrating the Ace Chemicals building which we can hopefully assume is just the beginning of Batman: Arkham Knight. If you watch closely during the combat scenes it looks like there could be a mechanic that allows for a more cinematic fight. Like I said, this could also just be how the footage was shot and then later edited but wouldn’t that be a nice addition. Not only for those who really want to feel like they are the Batman but for those who have never really been able to master an Arkham title to date. The combat can get a little intense for some people and I can see giving a few more seconds to choose the next attack adding into the fun for Batman: Arkham Knight.

Enough word flapping here. Have a look at the last part of the Batman: Arkham Knight Ace Chemicals Infiltration.

Batman: Arkham Knight — Ace Chemicals Infiltration Trailer: Part 3

Just in case you left after the ending of that trailer above (What comic book fan would do that?) then you may have missed the announcement of the Scarecrow Nightmare DLC pack and its small look at what we can expect on the PS4 version of Batman: Arkham Knight. In Arkham Asylum the Scarecrow missions were some of my favorite and I was extremely let down that the DLC pack was an exclusive for so long. While the trailer here doesn’t really show us how the gameplay for the DLC missions, and assumed story missions, will play out I am personally hoping that Rocksteady keeps them as amazing as the first run around. Although if we speculate based on the below trailer it may just be a Batmobile shooter in a nightmare world. At least it will have one of the best villains Rocksteady has adapted for the franchise leading the charge.

Batman: Arkham Knight — Scarecrow Nightmare DLC Pack

Last but not least we have the whole Batman: Arkham Knight Ace Chemicals infiltration trailer in one long uncut version. This is for those really late to the game here and want to see what was stretched out over three trailers all in one spot. It is pretty much just a linking of all three trailers without removing the logo and splash screen in between each but at least you don’t have to search around for all three. It does seem odd that the creators of the Batman: Arkham Knight footage had to leave all that extra stuff in, thus breaking the flow, but beggars can’t be choosers. You can now have all that cake to eat. That’s the phrase right?

Batman: Arkham Knight — Ace Chemicals Infiltration Full Trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight

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