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Titanfall Gamescom Demo Is A Little Too Mirror’s Edge-like

Titanfall Gamescom Demo Is A Little Too Mirror’s Edge-like


I am sure that everyone has seen the following Titanfall trailer straight out of Gamescom last week. If not, then take a gander below. I am still trying to get excited for the game myself, slowly but surely, but I am starting to notice more and more of the “Free Running” aspect that was glossed over before and seems to be a key element to missions and survival.

In earlier demos and showcasing this feature kind of seemed like a nice little extra to get to specific places on the map. This could be just what I took away from it all as I watched but, like I said, it is looking more or a key player… a star if you will. In the mentioned video we get to see as the player not only uses the feature to skip along the side of a building, but in some spots there are full on sections that feel lifted right out of Mirror’s Edge. While I won’t complain because I loved that game, I just hope it doesn’t bog down the overall gameplay and mechanics with an extra feature that is only useful for those gamers who play 23 hours a day.

I do applaud Respawn for trying to take risks with a tested gameplay structure and I hope it pays off. I just don’t want to be here in the coming months writing a review that is pretty much “It’s like Call of Duty meets MechWarrior if they were all trained by Faith from Mirror’s Edge.” I despise when you have to resort to describing new games using current or old games to help reference. I like things to feel completely new even if they use elements from other titles. It can be done and I am hopeful for Titanfall to do so.

Well lookie there. I just got myself a bit more excited for the game again.

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