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Transformers Universe Has Transformed Its Genre A Bit

Transformers Universe Has Transformed Its Genre A Bit

Transformers Universe

It looks like Transformers Universe has become a MOTA instead of a MMO. Here is a trailer to show you how the game is looking now.

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I heard about Transformers Universe and it was a browser-based MMO title in the works. Now it looks like, as the franchise namesake, Transformers Universe has transformed into a MOTA, or Massively Online Tactical Action game if you will. Or from the trailer, it looks like the multiplayer from the Activision published titles in the recent years all amped up and being the only gameplay.

I won’t lie, but a Transformers based MMO most likely would have played that same as how Transformers Universe now looks. Unless you really think that there would have been more hunt and gather quests than ‘go hunt down the Decepticons and make them hurt’ kind of quests. Doubtful, I know. When I think of Transformers I don’t think of ‘you need to collect 10 more energon particles’ as being all that fun or really fitting for most characters in the franchise’s universe. I am sure that there are people who would get a kick out of that but I don’t think the masses would.

Either way, we are getting a new look at Transformers Universe and how Jagex has transformed the original vision. Am I excited? Not all that much really. I do know that there is a great fan base out there though so this is really for you. You are welcome.

Also, if you want to sign up to βeta test Transformers Universe you can click here to sign up. Maybe Transformers Universe will be a sleeper hit…