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Until Dawn Is Officially Getting A Next-Gen Remaster

Until Dawn Is Officially Getting A Next-Gen Remaster

Until Dawn

The remaster for Until Dawn is no longer a rumor as we have a confirmation Until Dawn will be coming out again this year

It is a rumor no more, as we have the official look at the remaster for Until Dawn on the PS5 and PC is on the way. A new version of the massive hit that Supermassive Games put out there in the world almost a decade ago, now with Ballistic Moon helming the remaster to give us a version of the game worthy of the current systems we are gaming on. Hopefully, you do not remember the story of Until Dawn or just want to have another reason to see some massive actors live or die in a video game that you get to direct. All of this is slated for some time in 2024, with our money on an October release window for this version.

There is not much more to go on outside of the confirmation that an Until Dawn remaster is on the way. We have a nice little trailer that shows how some of the characters and environments have been updated and changed, even if some of them do not look like the original actor anymore. Not a huge issue, but something to see as we get the many flashes of the environments and other elements of the game that the PS4 might not have been able to replicate the best at the time. That is one of the benefits of a remaster when it is done correctly, so now we just need to wait and see if the rest of Until Dawn will offer the same level of upgrade or not.

Until Dawn — Remaster Announcement

Rebuilt and enhanced for PS5 consoles and PC — Until Dawn invites you to relive the nightmare, and immerse yourself in a gripping slasher horror where every decision can make the difference between life and death. Coming to PS5 and PC in 2024.

Instead of focusing on the visuals, I do want to think about how the other features of the PS5 could alter things in Until Dawn. There was the “stay still” mechanic that was there to highlight the lightbar from before, but given the DualSense changes, will that be pulled and something else added in to replace those scenes? I am going to guess yes. Not to mention I am going to guess that the other haptic feedback systems and other elements that have been advanced since Until Dawn first came out could be in the mix too. Unless the team working on the remaster is not allowed to use some of the features the other Supermassive titles have had over the years. Like the co-op or theater modes.

Did you ever doubt the rumors of the Until Dawn remaster or is this just a nice surprise you did not know was coming? Do the characters still look like their real-world counterparts or have some shifted quite a bit? What new features would you like to see on the PS5 version of the game or will it all be visuals and not much else? Head into the comment section to start that discussion flowing. When there is more to share for this Until Dawn remaster, we will share it all here. All you need to do is keep on checking back in for all of those updates and the many others we have in the pipeline.

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