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Vestiges: Fallen Tribes Sets Up A New Virtual War For Water

Vestiges: Fallen Tribes Sets Up A New Virtual War For Water

Vestiges: Fallen Tribes

A new strategy card game, Vestiges: Fallen Tribes, has been announced with Vestiges giving a new twist to the genre

There is a running theme, it would seem, that we are going to be seeing many titles in 2024 where the world is fighting over resources and Vestiges: Fallen Tribes is adding to it. This new title, coming from WanadevStudio, aims to take us into a new world where water is scarce and we are fighting over which tribe out there gets it. That caveat in Vestiges: Fallen Tribes, though, is that this is a fight that has been going on for a long time and not something that has just cropped up. The other twist is that this will be a strategy card game set in a VR space out there. I am fairly certain you did not see that one coming.

I am fairly certain that you will not be able to get much of what I just mentioned there from the following trailer for Vestiges: Fallen Tribes that we did have for the announcement. Outside of showing off some miniatures in some sandy locations, there is not much to indicate the type of game that this will be. Most of what we do know comes from the narration and the text given on Vestiges: Fallen Tribes‘ homepage, but do know that it is coming. It was important enough to pay for this to run during a big show so we had one more commercial for a game that we will have to wait until 2024 to actually see in motion. Just know that it is coming and from a team that has given us another fun title to play in the past.

Vestiges: Fallen Tribes — Announcement

The battle for water has been going on for centuries. The desert stands witness to the destiny of countless tribes. The elusive embrace of peace remains a distant mirage. The desert winds carry the whispers of strife, guiding the chosen ones to unveil the power within the Vestiges.

In a world where water has become rare, lead your clan and face your opponents in strategic PvP battles. Improve your deck of cards, make the right tactical decisions, and place your soldiers on the battlefield so that they take over the enemy’s battalion.

I still do not know why any marketing team thinks this is what will get players excited for a title like Vestiges: Fallen Tribes. The concept of the game sounds like it could be fun and if we get similar visuals in the game, it could be rock-solid. There is just no indication of it being a card game or a strategy game from any of this. Without any of that information dropped in the text, one could just as easily though that Vestiges: Fallen Tribes was going to be a desert shooter, platforming title, or just a basic puzzle game. Nowhere does it show a card or VR title in the mix. Maybe someday we will get answers to this instead of just seeing a title announced and in the vaguest way possible.

Does the concept for Vestiges: Fallen Tribes pique your interest or do you need to see it in motion before you make any judgment? When do you think we will see any of the actual gameplay or even concept art for this game or will it be way later in 2024? Were you able to pick up the type of game this was going to be just from the trailer and am I losing touch with how these things are being made? Tell me and the world all of your thoughts in the comments while discussing whatever we can there. If we get more for Vestiges: Fallen Tribes, do know it will be here on the site. There is a whole lot more to come and we will do our best to keep it all flowing out to you as best as we can.

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