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Wasteland 2 Looks To Be Getting A Full Release Soon

Wasteland 2 Looks To Be Getting A Full Release Soon

Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 is not that far off from an official release. Here are the details.

While Wasteland 2 is available through early access on Steam, its creator, inXile founder Brian Fargo, released statements saying the game is in its “Final Stretch” of development. He has giving us a three month window for the game to be polished up. Note that the three month window is not a final deadline.

Other good news; the Mac version will get a release alongside the PC version. Sorry Linux, you will get Wasteland sometime down the road.

“OSX owners will be happy to know that Wasteland 2 will be available for their platform at the same time as we’re putting the beta update out. We’re making progress on the Linux version and it will follow sometime after.”

The update also mentioned that the next update to the game will be released on Steam February 24th, 2014. Two new screen shots also show off the game in a beautiful 3840×2160 resolution. Perhaps gamers can expect the long awaited return to Wasteland, sometime in late summer or early autumn.

“When will Wasteland 2 be done?” Of course there is always the glib answer of “when it’s done.”

The team certainly has their work cut out for them with 1,200 bugs still in the game.

To date we have had a total of 2,300 bugs and suggestions (not counting duplicates) reported from the beta testers and from our outside compatibility testing group since December. We have fully addressed over 1,100 of these items”

You can read the full update here.

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