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Watch Dogs Info ‘Leaked’ Too But At Least There Is A Release Date

Watch Dogs Info ‘Leaked’ Too But At Least There Is A Release Date

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs has had its release date and story trailer ‘leaked’ but confirmed by Ubisoft. Finally it is coming out.

Here we go with yet another ‘leak’ of information and this time it is for Watch Dogs from Ubisoft. As I looked over the internet and media this morning it almost seemed like everyone and their cousin’s sister’s former roommate was talking about this ‘leaked’ trailer and date. About an hour after this, the official twitter account for the game confirmed and posted all the details including the following story trailer for Watch Dogs. Just as with the other ‘leaks’ I think this was more planned or a slip up while uploading the trailer to YouTube. That’s just me though.

Here, let us watch the trailer for Watch Dogs now and see how all of that ‘polish’ has helped the game.

Gods I wish I knew what platform we were looking at in this trailer. It looks spectacular and fully cleaned up. Although I do have to say that the story for Watch Dogs base on this trailer seems very Hackers like. That is the Angelina Jolie and Matthew Lillard film from 1995 I am referencing just to be clear. Really look at it though. If you were to have Dade doing everything because of a killed girlfriend and not someone ripping off the “computer virus that steals fractions of pennies” plot. Granted, that is just how my messed up mind seems to want to process this.

All jesting aside though, I am still very excited to be getting Watch Dogs here in short order. Only about half a year delayed at that. I guess enough guiding the lily for those who just went to read this and ignored the image above. Watch Dogs will be out on May 27th for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Wii U dates are still up in the air for those who care about Watch Dogs on that platform. Time to watch the trailer again to find more hidden clues.

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