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Watch EA’s 2014 E3 Press Conference Right Here

Watch EA’s 2014 E3 Press Conference Right Here

Can’t be at E3 2014 or the EA Press Conference? We have you covered with the live stream below

Now that the Microsoft Press Event is over it is time to move on to what EA has to show us. Just like before, we have a video stream for you to follow along with our team that is in the crowd. Also like the other conference this was written before EA has taken the stage to show off their wares to the world so if you are reading this before things are in full swing take that into account.

What should we speculate on that EA is going to show us all? New Mirror’s Edge 2 footage? Rumor has that. A full display of Battlefield: Hardline; most definitely as that cat is out of the bag. So are many of the six IPs that EA has already claimed to be showing during this conference. That includes Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare for the PS4 as well. If Mirror’s Edge is shown then that is half of the new IPs.

Personally I could call it a day if there was some actual gameplay for Mirror’s Edge 2 as that is the most anticipated title EA could be showing for me. Then again a Dead Space 4 that goes back to that franchises roots would have me cheering in the streets. Or at least my seat in the audience. You get the gist. Enough talk as the show has started.

Also, if you missed it live and are reading this in the near future, we will update the video for you to be able to see everything that was shown. Then see how close to me hopes EA got us.