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We Will Get Trapped In Limbo This February With Atomic Heart

We Will Get Trapped In Limbo This February With Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart

The release date for the next Atomic Heart DLC is here with a showing of what is to come in Atomic Heart: Trapped In Limbo too

Things are going to get weird here with the latest announcement for Atomic Heart. Not a fully new one with Mundfish setting the stage for the next DLC to drop, but a new update that will be sure to please those wanting more. It looks as if Atomic Heart: Trapped In Limbo will be adding to all of our fun out there on February 6th, 2024. As long as you have already picked up the game or any of its content passes before then. If you have not, that does not mean you cannot explore it all, you will just have to buy things and rush through the game instead of jumping into the DLC. You know, just as this kind of thing usually goes. But this is not the weird part of it all for us to look at.

The weird part we are talking about is the look of the new area and the challenges we are going to have to take on Atomic Heart with this DLC. Just as all of the other trailers have given us in the past, we will have to shoot up some geese, collect a bunch of candy, do some weird wall-running, and various other mobile game kinds of games while still running and gunning in the world. All while following a new story that came about not using the other DLC that is out there for Atomic Heart. Yes, we are ignoring that story for a different story so we can try to figure out what the true story is for the end game of all of this. No that does not make sense but neither does what we can see in the following trailer for the game. Have a look and see if your favorite part of the game is in there or if you can spot the challenges you have been hoping to come back in a weird way.

Atomic Heart — Trapped In Limbo Gameplay

Dive deeper into Atomic Heart with the Trapped In Limbo DLC!

To the depths of P-3’s mind

Atomic Heart: Trapped In Limbo DLC picks the story up immediately after the end of the main game, this time continuing a different ending from the one that the Annihilation Instinct DLC followed. It introduces new sections of the twisted Limbo world bursting with fan-favorite challenges, but this time with a unique Limbo flavor! While diving into the new insane gameplay, players will be tasked with helping P-3 break through a series of dizzying obstacles, uncover the secrets of his past and the world of Limbo, and demolish uniquely looking opponents with marvelously looking weapons in a combat extravaganza. In order to rise from the depths of Limbo to the top and free P-3’s mind from his demons, players will have to do everything they can to curb the changed rules of the game. The Trapped In Limbo DLC holds the key to finding out the fate of Major P-3, and it is up to players to get their hands on it, surviving in this enigmatic world with inverted logic.

As they fight, run, jump, and slide across the platforms, players will be collecting apples to unlock skills and weapons, as well as gold coins to unlock up to 7 unique skins that can be equipped in the main campaign!

The Atomic Heart: Trapped In Limbo DLC will be released on February 6, 2024, on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. It is included in the Atomic Pass and in the Gold and Premium Edition.

I am all for video games making weird choices and following weird leaps of logic out there. Atomic Heart seemed to be doing that from the start with the statements of other games it looked like a clone of. It is just an odd choice to take a different story and move forward with it instead of keeping the main narrative going. So are we supposed to just think the events of Annihilation Instinct just never happened or did it happen and this DLC does not happen? Why do we think it is charming for some games to never offer up a clear story in their games? At least Atomic Heart is not going do the rabbit hole as other big mascot titles always seem to go. We will just have to wait and see how it all plays out this coming February, though.

Have you been waiting to see Atomic Heart: Trapped In Limbo added to this story or does it feel like it is going to be a load of minigames that have no impact on the game? Which part of it all will be the canon story we should follow for the game or will this DLC make more sense once we actually get to play it? How do you feel about developers adding in weird and whacky things just for a cheap thrill or is that your jam when it comes to video games? Run on into our comment section to discuss all of that and everything else we have to share for this title and many others. We will have all we can for Atomic Heart, so please keep checking back in for those updates and many others we have to come down the pipeline for you.

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