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Welcome To ParadiZe Explains Quickly Why We All Need To Enter This Apocalypse

Welcome To ParadiZe Explains Quickly Why We All Need To Enter This Apocalypse

Welcome To ParadiZe

If you need more reasons to enter ParadiZe, we have a quick list of things coming to us in Welcome To ParadiZe

We have been given many reasons why we should give Welcome To ParadiZe a go when it hits the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on February 29th, but it looks like it is time for another elevator pitch to get us to buy in. As if playing the demo that Eko Software has out there for us now would not be enough. Given that we have a few other massive titles dropping on the same day as Welcome To ParadiZe, though, it does make sense as to why we need to see all of this. That and it gives those who are not playing the demo a chance to look at some new gameplay in the mix along with some of the humor we can expect in the full version of the game.

What we have here for Welcome To ParadiZe is another funny video from one of the bigger characters in the story of the game. Jeff Tusk, the person behind the Zombot Hacking Helmet that will not only help us keep the hoard off of us in the game, but also put them to task to keep us safe or build our sanctuaries. I do have a feeling this character will take a bit of a turn in the story of the game, but here we get to see just how they will all be working for us. All so we can slice out our own little piece of ParadiZe while having some of the extra cooky content in the mix. Have a gander and see just how that is all going to go down soon.

Welcome To ParadiZe — In 80 Seconds

Is the apocalypse getting you down? Make it easier with helpful zombies, ready to handle the most thankless tasks for you.

The billionaire genius, playboy, and philanthropist Jeff Tusk invites you to ParadiZe where your survivalist troubles can be put to rest. Using Tusk Industries’ innovative Zombot Hacking Helmet, you can take control of any zombie and live through the apocalypse in a little corner of paradise with your feet up!

I am so very torn on Welcome To ParadiZe, as the concept and humor are right in my line of video games. Well, at least if you take out some of the survival construction things in the mix. It just also has the fun release date as a few other bigger titles that many have been waiting for. Maybe it will be a great one to take a break from in the mix. Especially if the humor of it all does turn a bit darker than expected in the full gameplay. I have been sold on Welcome To ParadiZe is what I am saying, it just might have to hit the backlog for a little bit before I have a full chance to dig in and see if I can control the hoards just as well out there.

Have you been sold on this version of ParadiZe that is coming or is it a little too whacky for your tastes? Do you think that we will have a “big bad” twist in the mix or will Jeff be the philanthropist the entire game? Will this be on your first title list on the 29th or will it sadly take a bit of a backseat due to all of the other titles coming out there? Shamble on down to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we have here for the game. More will be on the way for Welcome To ParadiZe, I am sure, so please keep on coming back here to see it all as it does.

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