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Welcome To The Watch_Dogs Version Of Chicago

Welcome To The Watch_Dogs Version Of Chicago


A new trailer for Watch_Dogs to show off the city that we will be spending hours hacking. Do the character models look downgraded?

Just as to be assumed with any title based in a real world location, we have a new trailer showing us the Chicago of the Watch_Dogs universe. There seems to be a lot less dancing and singing in this Chicago if my entertainment versions of the city are anywhere near accurate of the city. Ok, that is a pretty limited scope there all in the basis of a joke but we really do have a look at the Chicago of Watch_Dogs. Have a watch and any of you Chicago-ites… Chicagoans… residents of the real Chicago let us know what you think as todays tech should be getting close to recreating our loved cities.

So there you have it. Chicago in the world of Watch_Dogs. That isn’t really what caught my eye here though. The environments look nice, as do the vehicles, but is it just me or do the citizens and other characters in the game look a little ‘last-gen’? Granted this clip could have been created using footage from the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of Watch_Dogs but you would think that Ubisoft would want to create a promotional piece using the best of the PC, PS4, or XB1. Now I am torn on the look of the game’s characters especially when compared to what we had in the last trailer for the game.

If there were any new tidbits about the gameplay or story of Watch_Dogs I would think it passable to have the lower quality of the game’s NPCs, or PCs if you are being hacked, but there isn’t anything new but a look at the city. Why not put your best visuals out there? These characters look very low quality to me. It is nice to hear that they are all supposed to have their own personas and information about each but I am not thinking this would be a cause for the lower looking poly count or texture details. It really feels like something that should have come out years ago.

What say you? I know there was a big hullabaloo before when the last story trailer came out but nothing seems to have caught my eye like this new trailer. Granted I would be willing to set aside my visual wants for the huge estimation on the gameplay length. That is really what has me still excited for Watch_Dogs.

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