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We’ve Played P.T. Now Let’s See The Concept Trailer For Silent Hills

We’ve Played P.T. Now Let’s See The Concept Trailer For Silent Hills

Silent Hills

A new concept trailer for Silent Hills has been shown at the Tokyo Game Show and it is just as freaky as P.T. was to play

Just in case you thought that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro might not be able to come through with their claims for Silent Hills and scaring you so bad that your butt throws up in your pants, we have a new look at the game via a concept movie from the Tokyo Game Show. If you’ve played P.T. then you will see how close to that “game” that this new look is. Granted it doesn’t take place in just a repeating hallway but the feel and horror has been ramped up in this little video that was shared.

It is too good to hold out so have a look at the Silent Hills concept movie here and we’ll hope back into the text shortly after.

While it didn’t stir as much of a response as P.T. did this video for Silent Hills would have sold me just as well as playing the teaser. P.T. was more intense but that was all linked to the interactive portion forcing us to be more invested and fearful than this trailer. That is not to say that the theme and visuals for Silent Hills are not shown perfectly here though; they are. Both pieces of content did exactly what I am sure most of us out there have wanted for the franchise.

No, there still isn’t any solid gameplay footage out there for Silent Hills but we should be happy with the direction that the game looks to be heading. Yea, if Kojima screws up the gameplay (not likely to happen) Silent Hills will be nothing more than a frustrating romp through messed up visuals and themes but I’d still pay for that admission if it stays on par here. Unless it ends up being like that pile of crap AMY (not likely at all).

Please bring us more Mr. Kojima. If horror gamers are anything like me then we are all chomping at the bit with mostly powered teeth to see how Silent Hills is going to help us lose weight the same way the laxative diets out their do…he…I said do.