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What’s The Good News From SDCC For Batman: Arkham Origins?

What’s The Good News From SDCC For Batman: Arkham Origins?

Batman: Arkham Origins

Well, not that much that we have not seen or heard from E3 will answer that question. It makes sense that Batman: Arkham Origins would be on display at the San Diego Comic Con but you would think that there would be some kind of information dump that wasn’t handed out a month prior. I guess it is more about getting the information out to the public directly and not through the filtered lenses of the media. Who knows?

While I don’t think much was shown on the floor or during their panel, there were a few little tidbits and a new trailer shown for the latest assassin, Copperhead, hunting The Bat. Among the reveal of Copperhead were two more skins that are not exclusive to any platform and available to anyone willing to complete the game on certain modes or specific missions. Those skins are ‘Batman One Million’ and ‘Worst Nightmare’ with ‘Worst Nightmare’ being unlocked after beating the game on its hardest mode. Visuals can be seen in the full Arkham Origins panel video below.

Outside of getting to laugh along with the voice talent and developers of the game I will warn you that there isn’t much more that hasn’t been announced. The only other fun thing would be the possibility of Batgirl being in the game, which kind of makes sense if you know your Batman stories and what the Arkham franchise has done so far. Also, even though this video is pulled from the official YouTube channel for the game they were not allowed to record the Copperhead trailer. I have included that for you so you can get the full experience.

Copperhead Trailer

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