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Here Is A Whole Lot More H1Z1 Gameplay To Feast Your Eyes On

Here Is A Whole Lot More H1Z1 Gameplay To Feast Your Eyes On


SOE recently hosted a 12-hour H1Z1 livestream event and here are some of the gameplay highlights from what was shown.

Some of you may have heard about and watched the H1Z1 livestream that SOE put on last week. Some of you may have missed it. The last subgroup may have caught parts of it but were unable to dedicate the entire twelve hours to watching all of the pre-alpha gameplay and development that is going into H1Z1. Personally I fell into the last group. Fear not though, we have some of the better highlights of the stream for you to catch up and stay on par as the zombie MMO moves toward a golden status.

We will first start off with the gameplay that focuses in on the open world of H1Z1 as well as the PvP and PvE aspects of the game. You do have to kind of ignore all the texture glitches and flying Jeeps that can be blown up with a few gun shots but that should be expected as SOE is still in early development for the game. Don’t worry; they will remind you of that a few times during the video. But you don’t have to take my word for it…

Alpha Gameplay

See what I mean? H1Z1 still looks like it is shaping to be an interesting MMO game just with a lot of work still required. That is at least with those kinds of glitches. If you continue on we have a nice view of how the Day/Night cycles will be working in H1Z1 and how dangerous the game’s world can get when the lights go out for the day.

Here, have a watch.

Day/Night Gameplay

Personally I think that H1Z1‘s world gets too dark when compared to the real world as it is stated to be modeled after. I have been in the middle of nowhere at night, with fog, and I am still able to see about ten feet around me as well as a bit of distance without fog. Here it looks like maybe two feet at most and then there are no stars to be seen. Obviously we can still claim pre-alpha gameplay mechanics but It sounds like this is close to where SOE wants to be.

With that I will leave you with a bit of the lore for H1Z1. Warning though, it all sounds pretty…lame to me. Maybe it was how it was being presented but it just wasn’t all that appealing. That is just me though. You can be your own judge here.

The Lore

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