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Will We Be Playing A Private Military Group In The Next Call Of Duty?

Will We Be Playing A Private Military Group In The Next Call Of Duty?

Call Of Duty

A follow up to the Call Of Duty tease give a little more insight into what the next game could be about.

Earlier today we had a nice little tease for the next Call Of Duty. It looks flipping amazing as long as the in-game shot is truly just that. This isn’t about that again though. It looks like Activision and Sledgehammer have put out a new “teaser” for the game that kind of points a finger in the direction that the story and gameplay mechanics may go. That is outside of the basic FPS stuff.

The following video for the next Call Of Duty focuses in on privatized military in the real world. Well at least a skewed view of it all if it is all true but I don’t have the time to fact check a video that could be all for promotional reasons. I’ll just go on a limb and say let’s believe some of it and some of it as propaganda for the game.

That said, does this lead to the concept of using privatized military as a staple in Call Of Duty? As in we will no longer be playing the role of an U.S. special ops out to save the world from some crazy villain. Most of those villains in the Call Of Duty franchise being an ex-member of the U.S. military out to make money… Wait that is exactly what this video is talking about isn’t it?

Speculation has begun to fly around online that the PMC aspect will be made for the players and not just the villains. As in instead of clans for Call Of Duty we may have our own PMC to run. Also the rumors are that the PMC thing will hop over to single player to boot. So we may be playing a privatized person who has been tapped to do some ‘work’ to take down another PMC who is out to take over the world. Hail Hydra!

This is all speculation and rumor at this point but it seems like a possibility. Have a watch of that video and make up your own speculation for the next Call Of Duty title. Until Sunday (5/4/14) we won’t have much else to go on. That is unless someone lets something leak or slip. We’ll see.