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So There Will Be A Single Player Mode In Evolve

So There Will Be A Single Player Mode In Evolve


Recently Chris Ashton from Turtle Rock Studios revealed that there will be a single-player campaign in Evolve

It would seem that I was a bit confused before when it came to Evolve and the play modes of the game. I was under the impression that it was a multiplayer experience through and through. Looks like I was wrong as Turtle Rock has only focused on showing the multiplayer aspect of Evolve and kind of pushed the solo play to the side lines. That was until a few quotes from Chris Ashton (Design Director) let fly out into the world of the internet directly pointed at the single-player experience.

Here’s what Mr. Ashton had to say about the Evolve single-player mode.

“You can play single-player and we have AI that fill empty slots, so you can play single-player as the monster, you can play single-player as the hunter with AI teammates against an AI monster. We haven’t really talked too much about what single-player elements will be in the game. Other than that, story wise we are doing a lot of similar things like Left 4 Dead. When you played Left 4 Dead the characters would talk and you’d hear about the world and you’d see writing and stuff like that. You’d learn about the world a little bit as you played it. So we are doing kind of a similar take on Evolve. A lot of what you gonna learn about the fiction and stuff comes from the characters.”

You have no idea how much more excited I am for Evolve now. The multiplayer is a blast and all but I always see games fall to the plague of gamers-who-have-no-life-and-master-the-game-only-to-ruin-my-fun-later. The plague needs a better title indeed. None the less it was what caused me to play Left 4 Dead offline more and fall in love with it. It looks like I will have said option now in Evolve. Good call on all of you for adding in that amazing style into the new title. Major kudos, the delicious granola bar kind.

I highly doubt we will see any footage of this play style for Evolve before October 21st as I am sure that it would be a bit more boring than the multiplayer. Then again as that will be how I hop in for the first time I will not have to worry about spoilers yet still see how Evolve handles and plays as the mechanics are not going to change. Knowing all of this I think it is safe to say that Turtle Rock will have yet another huge win under their belt here soon.