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My WWE 2K15 Wish List

My WWE 2K15 Wish List

WWE 2K15

Here is a short list of what I think should be in the next WWE title or WWE 2K15.

The WWE has been heating up lately with WrestleMania 30 coming just around the corner in a couple months. The exciting story lines and the looming Elimination Chamber PPV has got me thinking about what I would want in the next WWE game. Here is my wish list for WWE 2K15.

1. Career Mode/My Wrestler Mode

With so many entries in the WWE games it’s surprising that there has never been a true career mode found in many other sports games. It would work just as any other sports games. You would create your own wrestler and start you career in WWE developmental and NXT. From there your next goal would be to make it into the WWE and make a name for yourself as a superstar. As you collect titles and career milestones your wrestler’s stats and skills will increase. 2K has taken career mode to the next level with story options and branching story lines in NBA 2K14. WWE would seem to be a better fit with all the backstage politics, drama and story line twists. Now that 2K has publishing rights this seems more likely than ever before.

2. Better Commentary

Ok I know that I am not the only one who thinks that WWE 2K14 had the worst commentary out of the whole series. Most of the commentary in 2K14 was either copied and pasted from previous games or rephrased in a slightly different way. What made it worse was the fact that many times the same caned dialog was repeated within the same match. A good amount of the commentary wasn’t even about the wrestlers in the match it was just random facts about the match type and strategies. The commentary needs to be more like other sports games. Maybe record more facts about the superstars and add more audio cues for each action. The solution is pretty simple just have Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler finally record all new lines for WWE 2K15. Maybe even have the newest commentator JBL record some lines to keep it fresh.

3. Bring Back Old Favorite Match Types

Throughout the WWE games there have been some great match types. But with each game some seemed to have disappeared and never came back. WWE 2K14 did bring back a few match types such as special referee, I quit and Slobber knocker but there are still some absent. Some of the greatest match types were featured in the PS2 classic WWE Here Comes The Pain.

One match type I would like to see come back is the Lumberjack match. In a lumberjack match each wrestler gets 3 lumberjacks outside the ring. On the PS2 it was 3 but perhaps on the newer consoles it could more. Another match type that I miss is the Hardcore match from Here Comes The Pain. The Hardcore match is a no DQ match with a twist. The match features a full backstage area complete with environmental hot-spots. About the different areas were a locker room, a gym, a parking lot and even Times Square. Perhaps the best part of this match was the ability to move about every area during the match. This has long since replaced by the lackluster backstage brawl, which used the same bland area for the last, few games. One of the most interesting match types that have been gone for a while is the Buried Alive Match. This was very surprising considering how much focus was put on the Undertaker in WWE 2K14. Hopefully some of these great match types in WWE 2K15.

4. Limb Targeting That Actually Matters

WWE games have had limb targeting for a while now. It is one of the most importing factors in getting submission victory. But submissions are the only thing it affects. I believe that this system should be revamped for the new WWE games. When a limb gets damaged enough certain moves should become impossible or less effective. They talk about it all the time on the weekly shows about neutralizing moves by working different limbs. I think that WWE games would benefit from implanting a system more like the limb systems from the new UFC games.

Did I miss any new features that you would like to see in the new WWE game? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to check back here when we learn about the new entry in the WWE games.

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