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Xbox One Dashboard Is Explained And Pretty Nifty

Xbox One Dashboard Is Explained And Pretty Nifty

Here Is A Twelve Minute Look At The Xbox One’s New Dashboard System

Just in case you can’t wait another two weeks or so to get a look at the new Xbox One Dashboard, you no longer need to pine for a look as Microsoft has given us an extended look at some of the upgrades coming at launch. Also lucky for you there is no need to search the web for this Xbox One footage as I’ve included it below for your viewing pleasure. It is a bit on the “corny” side as I don’t think any of us would ever play games or really use the Xbox One how they do unless we are trying to show off to someone who doesn’t own one. Then again, form your own opinion after the video.

For those who didn’t just hop down to the video, let me give you my quick, hopefully, thoughts on what they show us here.

I do have to say that the Kinect upgrades for the Xbox One and Kinect 2 impressed me the most out of everything. The facial, spatial, and vocal recognition look to be what all of the original Kinect ads eluded too. You know, overly responsive and worth having turned on. While I am still not 100% sold on the idea of trying to wave my hands in the air or talk to my Xbox One, or 360 for that matter, all of you out there who are and do like the idea are going to love it now. At least I’m guessing.

Also, I think I finally understand the push for the TV and other multimedia uses for the Xbox One now. That would be the lack of need to swap between video modes on your home TV as all the apps and game invites will just pop up on your screen during your shows telling you of something going on. So now friends and non-friends can bug you during your live TV or movie watching at all times. Effectively no reason to ever navigate from using your Xbox One unless you are going to load your PS4 or PC screen up and use those systems for some reason.

There are quite a few other neat little features as well as a very laggy Skype use in the video so I’ll leave you to get all of the fun details and visuals now. Take it all as you will. While I may not be the biggest fan of the Xbox One I will say at least they are trying some things and that is at least something.

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