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Yet Another Live Action/CGI Trailer… This Time For Thief

Yet Another Live Action/CGI Trailer… This Time For Thief


Here we go. A new trailer for Thief. Let’s see what Square Enix and Eidos have up their sleeves for us in the new game. Hopefully it is some amazing game play or an awesome CGI story type affair to let us know where Thief is going to take us this go around. It’s been almost a decade since we had a good solid Thief game so please don’t let us down.

Wait… it’s a live action trailer with a voice over? Maybe 2 seconds of game play unless that was some fancy CGI. Look at the 24 second mark to see what I can see being actual game play.

Why is this becoming more of a thing in the industry? Do you really think we care about an awesome looking live action trailer to promote your video game? We want some kind of substance of the game not a tease of what a feature film might look like. Unless you can make the graphics and animations look exactly like you do in these kinds of trailers, please stop. I don’t believe I am in the minority of people who would rather see the game and not a high budget promo that only has the main character’s name and the setting to link it all together.

Thief is on the list of games I am scheduled to check out at E3 so hopefully there will be more than just this little tease that could have saved Square Enix some money by being made with actual game play form the PS4 or XBone. If there is more I will bring it to you. Hopefully there is more in the terms of game play.

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