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You’re Either Killing Or You’re Dying In The New Let It Die Trailer

You’re Either Killing Or You’re Dying In The New Let It Die Trailer

Let It Die

A new trailer for Let It Die has been released in the preempt to the Tokyo Game Show and it has a bit of gameplay mixed in

If there was one trailer that confused the heel out of me at E3 this year it was Let It Die from Grasshopper Manufacture. After looking into the game a bit more I am still a bit lost for this upcoming Free To Play PS4 title. Well PS4 with the ability to use a companion app for your smartphones. It looks like there is a new trailer to try and shed a bit of light on Let It Die straight from the pre-show for the Tokyo Game Show and we have it here just below.

Let us have a look at this new footage for Let It Die and see if we can make heads or tails of everything before I just claim “It’s Suda 51 and will never make sense.”

And…I’m still lost. I am digging the aesthetic and music that looks to be spread through Let It Die but if I were to go just off the two trailers I have seen I wouldn’t be sold on it yet. Even with the small bit of gameplay that we can see in them both but more in this trailer. This is going to require a bit more looking into than just hoping that we can get all of our information from a few trailers.

In the end it looks like Let It Die is an online Hack & Slash style of game which will put your dead characters into other player’s games of Let It Die. This explains the health bars and overhead HUDs that we can see here. Still no explanation as to why everyone is killing each other but it is kind of interesting that your character’s death doesn’t mean the end to that model’s work. I’m still a bit lost so I guess I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled for more on Let It Die as we move forward I guess.

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