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Ah…The Photo-Realism Of The Division Brings A Tear To The Eye

Ah…The Photo-Realism Of The Division Brings A Tear To The Eye

The Division

A few more stunning screen shots from The Division that are hard to believe are in-game and not pre-rendered. This is what ‘next gen’ should really look like.

I mentioned this before and I’ll probably keep saying it, but how did I let The Division slip past my radar for so long? Every time there is something new to show of the game I am blown away with the aesthetics of the game and what the Snowdrop engine can do. If anything, the below screen shots should help drive that home a bit more. Mind you all but one is compiled of 100% in-game visuals and nothing pre-rendered. I just wish I knew if they were taken on a PC build or a next gen console.

While there is nothing more to say in terms of game details for The Division with these screens we can at least appreciate the level of detail in the game shots. In fact when I have shown these images to people who are not engrossed in the gaming industry I was literally asked “What film is that?” or “What show is that?” Then I got to floor their jaws by stating it was a gameplay shot from an upcoming game. Specifically the 6th image down there.

So while we wait for some new info on The Division why don’t we all talk about how far this shows the industry has come in such a short time? Hells, we can also talk about where we think it will end up in the next few years as well. Once we get to a point where graphics can be mistaken for real world visuals is it time to stop? Or do we cheer “Bring On The Holodecks!”? Sound off like you got a pair.