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Here Are Some More Interstellar Destiny Screen Shots For Your Eyes

Here Are Some More Interstellar Destiny Screen Shots For Your Eyes


We have eight more eye popping screen shots for Destiny from Bungie and Activision. Did J.J. Abrams take over the game’s visual direction? Sure looks that way.

I will still admit that I am not completely sold on Destiny yet as many of the developer’s fans already are. That said, I cannot deny that it is looking absolutely amazing and my jaw is dropped with almost every new shot. Not as far as The Division just yet but it is getting there with each new batch of visuals or gameplay video. That isn’t what sells a game for me though even though it is nice to look at.

With that all said, Bungie, can we please get some more detail into what the gameplay of Destiny is like outside of a traditional FPS? Or for that matter, how about some information on the overall reason on why we are hunting down each other or the villains of the game. Did they defeat our heroes in a sled race and they didn’t take to kindly to that? Maybe more of a high jumping contest given the visuals I guess but that is just me again doing what I do best; sidetracking.

We are still a ways out from the slated release of Destiny so I am sure that we will hear all of these fun things but I just wish we had the story and mechanics now. Yea, I guess I am being a little demanding and impatient. Aren’t we all though?

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