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April Fools: Razer Jokes About Something I Dreamt Up As A Child With Eidolon

April Fools: Razer Jokes About Something I Dreamt Up As A Child With Eidolon

Yet another April Fools’ joke; this time from Razer in the form of Eidolon. A crazy augmented reality drone and contact lens system.

Now here is yet another April Fools’ joke straight from Razer in the form of a product called Eidolon. This is one of the more obvious jokes floating around today but the fun fact here is that I had an idea for this back when my mortal coil was a young lad.

What am I talking about?

Well if you haven’t jumped to the video for Razer’s Eidolon ‘project’ yet it is all about a ‘power glove’ of sorts that has a mini-drone that will follow you around taking video and images of your life. That is about the extent of my early dreams. What Eidolon is also shown to do is sync up to a set of AR contacts that will let you play your real life as if it was a video game. At least a game that is not just a first person shooter. I’ll let you watch the video and wish that we had the tech for this right now.

Now while the Razer Eidolon is an April Fools’ joke as we currently don’t have the tech to do what is shown outside of After Effects this is something I have wanted for the last 20 years on this planet. I know in some aspects humans are close to making everything we see here a reality but the limitation is on the contact side at this point. At least from what I have seen in the tech world as of late. It is only a matter of time though…

Moving past the pain of the Razer Eidolon being an April Fools’ joke, I will still mark this under hopeful science fiction to turn science reality. It hurts to see it in joke form given my lust for something like this for as long as I have but I am hopeful that, like Star Trek and other Sci-Fi, it will be a joke only for now. I mean, how awesome would life be if you could run around looking through Survivor Horror fixed camera angles. Ok, not really but the situational awareness camera would come in so very handy.