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HEXO+ Makes That Razer April Fools’ Joke A Reality

HEXO+ Makes That Razer April Fools’ Joke A Reality

HEXO+, a Kickstarted camera accessory, has been funded and it looks like it is making that Razer April Fools’ joke happen

If you remember back in April, Razer made a joke about a drone that would film all of your life events and even make you feel like you were in a video game. That was the joke but it looks like with the HEXO+ Kickstarter almost reaching its last stretch goal with 15 days to go, we are getting just that device. While the HEXO+ wasn’t originally designed for that purpose the first two stretch goals would allow for just that; a live video playback on your phone and the ability to set up specific angles.

While Razer made the joke, HEXO+ looks to be making that amazing idea a reality. This is yet another case where an amazing idea has come to life even though people would rather make the joke to fool people. Have a look at the Kickstarer campaign real quick to see what I am talking about here.

While HEXO+ doesn’t have the cool contact lenses for the eyes it looks like the final product will be damn close to giving us what many though was just a joke. Slap your phone to your arm like a Pip-Boy 3000 and you will be able to experience things just like you would with the “Eidolon” or at least damn near close. All from a tech way to better film extreme sports in dangerous places. That being the original idea behind the HEXO+ system and app. Who doesn’t like re-purposing hardware here though?

I’ll be honest, if I had an extra $600 right now I’d have thrown it at the HEXO+ already to get set up with one as soon as development is concluded for the system. As I stated back in April this has been a dream product of mine since childhood and now it will be a real thing. Hells, if I had a 3D printer easily available I’d throw down the $300 instead so I could build my own. None the less I am super excited to see the dream become reality and hope that HEXO+ makes the May 2015 release without any issues.

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