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Basement Crawl Is Shaping Up To Be The Creepiest ‘Bomberman’

Basement Crawl Is Shaping Up To Be The Creepiest ‘Bomberman’

Basement Crawl

Basement Crawl, the new title coming to the PS4 is on the edge of release…so let’s have some new screenshots.

Back during Halloween I brought you a look at Basement Crawl. I also had a bit of fun speculating on what the game was all about outside of being a creepy looking PS4 title. If you’re eyes haven’t already betrayed me an ventured below to look at the new screenshots, then let me inform you that we have five new shots that help show off how Basement Crawl is like a creepy version of Bomberman in sorts. Not only that, but it kind of looks like my fun speculation is a little on par. At least as it goes with the trying to kill each other in a creepy basement.

To recap for Basement Crawl, you will be playing as one of the odd avatars whose job it is to set traps in the area to weaken or kill their opponents. This is all via a four player local game or an eight player online game. No clue on what the traps are or how one completely wins a match but as I keep seeing Bomberman thrown around I am guessing it is last man standing. Hopefully we will find out here sooner instead of later. I mean this was supposed to be and exclusive PS4 launch window title and here we are almost two months out and we still have so much in the air.

In the end though I’ll be glad to add another title to my short list of PS4 titles. At least I am hoping to be glad to add it. Basement Crawl as we know it now has at least the creepy aesthetic that I love and the classic gameplay that I used to love so it does have those two things going for it. I’ll shut up now so you can take a look at the new screens. Keep an eye here for a review of Basement Crawl when it actually lands so you can see if it is worth all the hype I have given it here on the site.


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