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Devastation Comes To Call Of Duty Ghosts

Devastation Comes To Call Of Duty Ghosts

Call Of Duty Ghosts

Activision has announced the new map pack Devastation for Call Of Duty Ghosts. We take a look at what to expect.

Next month Call Of Duty Ghosts fans have new DLC offering in the form of Devastation. Activision has confirmed a release date of April 3rd for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The date has not been announced for other platforms yet but it’s usually 30 days later. Devastation includes four new multiplayer maps and a new extinction episode.

  • Ruins — Set in South America within a Mayan temple. The map is set up in a triangular fashion to allow for some interesting domination action. One of the special aspects of Ruins is the volcano in the background. This can be caused to erupt and kill your enemies by acquiring a special kill streak through a field order.
  • Behemoth — Set on top of a massive earth excavator high off the ground. Behemoth is a medium sized map with a twist. The special field order lets you rain death by firing a mini-gun from inside a helicopter. Behemoth looks to be one of the most interesting maps in Devastation.
  • Collision — Set on a huge cargo ship that has crashed into a bridge. Designed to be a run and gun map and it promises to have some intense domination matches. The B flag is positioned between two sniper points in the center of the map with multiple paths to take. A special field order allows you to take control of an A-10 jet and annihilate enemies below.
  • Unearthed — A reimaging of fan favorite map, Dome, from Modern Warfare 3. There is not much to say about the layout of the map if you are familiar with Dome you will feel right at home. Dome has been transformed into an archaeological dig site with some hidden Easter eggs. If you complete a field order you will be able to call in three aliens who will seek out enemies and explode. There is also a hidden weapon from extinction called the Venom X. The Venom X can kill enemies directly and create a timed explosion that will kill their teammates.
  • The Ripper — The ripper is the first hybrid weapon in Call Of Duty series. The ripper doubles as both an assault rifle and a SMG. Players will be able to switch between the two on the fly. Season pass holders on Xbox one and 360 can download this weapon right now and use it in game.

Check out the official trailer for Devastation below for more details about the maps and the new extinction mode. Will you be picking up Devastation or do you own the season pass? Sound of below in the comments below.