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We Finally Have A Trailer For Powers Coming To PlayStation

We Finally Have A Trailer For Powers Coming To PlayStation

The first trailer for Powers, the PSN TV adaption of the comic book, was shown at NYCC and we have it here for you

Powers, the show, was announced at E3 during Sony’s huge press event and it was received with mixed feelings from all. If you were lucky enough to be at NYCC over the weekend and were able to sit in on Sony’s panel you may have been treated to seeing the first footage and trailer for the show. There have been a few stills floating around as of late but the trailer shows just how Powers is going to run for all of those PlayStation Plus subscribers out there. Well at least free for the PS+ people and an assumed small fee for everyone else.

For all of us unlucky enough to not have been at NYCC or the panel don’t fret as we have the trailer for Powers just a bit lower for all to see. It won’t be on a huge screen or in a room of screaming fans but at least you can see it. That of course is making the assumption you are not watching YouTube videos in a theater setting with a thousand close friends. None the less let us have a watch so we can judge Powers for ourselves.

Powers — NYCC Trailer

I won’t lie; Powers looks like it is going to be an insanely fun show even though it does remind me a lot of Heroes. I loved that show, especially the carnival season, and it wasn’t as gritty as we can see Powers is going to be. The trailer alone here had multiple f-bombs and other language that is not fit for prime time TV so Powers has a huge leg up there. That is also if we just completely ignored how awesome Eddie Izzard’s role in the show that looks hardcore even with the very limited footage that we have been lucky to see.

Powers is still slated to release on the PSN in a ten part mini-series format this December. If I had to guess I’d say December 9th given the huge fan experience that is slated in Las Vegas on the 6th and 7th but that is me just hypothesizing. It would make sense that would be the next big thing to come out after Sony and PlayStation make their last big push before the end of the year. I know I am at least hoping for that date so we don’t have to wait too much longer to check out Powers.