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The First Episodes Of Powers Is Coming To PSN In March

The First Episodes Of Powers Is Coming To PSN In March

The release date for the first three episodes of Powers, the first original live-action series for PSN, have been announced

Powers was announced a back in June of last year at E3. Then we received a tease for it during the New York Comic Con. It was supposed to launch sometime during the Holidays of 2014 but as of the PlayStation Experience where Powers was a relative no show, pun intended, the PSN Live Action show had not been shown yet. In fact, it wasn’t until I logged into PlayStation Plus later in that month to see that the release date for the show had been altered to sometime in 2015. Well now we know when that date is in 2015 so we wait no longer.

The first episode of Powers will be airing on PlayStation and web browsers around the world on March 10th now. Not only the first episode but the first three episodes then each of the remaining seven to release each Tuesday after that until we have seen all ten episodes. Do not that only the first episode will be free for all and the rest will only be free for those who have an active PS+ account during the release and moving forward. So like everything else we wanted last year we have to wait just a little bit longer to get it all.

There is still no word on how the rest of the season for Powers will be available for non-PS Plus members but it will most likely be available via the PlayStation Video section of the store. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? If it wasn’t it would be like Sony didn’t want to make the extra money to recoup the funds they dropped to make the whole show. Eddie Izzard can’t be cheap to hire after all.

Powers — New York Comic-Con Trailer

Of course with all things with a huge corporation, Powers will also have other things to help drive viewership and extra sells for the comic books. As of right now there is word of giveaways and a brand-NEW Powers number one comic to purchase in comic shops. Synergy I think the word is we are looking for. Hopefully the show does well and we have another TV show to keep us all glued at home when not playing video games. At least it will keep us nerds going for a bit longer in-between conventions. Right? We’ll see.